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Eat Your Tart Out!

23 Jan

Let the eating commence!

I’ve finally taken the step to start recording what I make in my smaller-than-small kitchen and share it with the weblog world. It will probably be more about mistakes than successes but that’s what growing in the kitchen for me is all about.

I’m always hungry. I’m always cooking.

Sometimes my sweet tooth overpowers my tiny amount of will power and steers me to the kitchen and demands me to bake until my heart gives out. This happens often and I try to listen to it more than to my hips, because the tongue is more powerful than the thighs. Believe it. However, savory deliciousness also consumes me, so be prepared for everything edible and sometimes the inedible just for giggles.

I grew up with a family that taught me to enjoy the kitchen–over the years that enjoyment has turned to an obsession. I constantly think about ingredients, kitchen gadgets, cooking, you name it! I could talk about food for hours and eat that long as well. I try to use everything I can get my hands on as a learning tool and am always looking towards improvement. That doesn’t mean you won’t see mistakes. Believe me, you’ll see plenty of them, and maybe a blown up kitchen or two. I’m just trying to learn to create the best possible food I can and to enjoy every morsel that finds its way to my mouth.

One of my biggest hobbies is to travel, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge of different foods and created an even bigger obsession. The main objective when traveling is to eat all food I can possibly get in my mouth. Travel and food are the best combination.

You’ll mainly find food, ramblings and photographs as you eat your tart out. While my main focus is finishing my last college semester, you’ll see how my being in the kitchen is central to everything. You’ll find this space to be about passion and the way I pour that passion into all things delicious. Hopefully you’ll join me on this grand trip and share some moments of me in the kitchen. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just some emoticons to share, please feel free to comment or email me at eatyourtartout (at) gmail (dot com). You can also follow smaller and sweeter updates on twitter- just follow: eatyourtartout.