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Just Add Hazelnuts

18 Feb

Everything is better with hazelnuts

A few weeks ago I made a coffee cake with my friend Justin and absolutely everything went wrong. It was supposed to be this cinnamon swirl delight but instead it turned into a dense log. It stayed tucked away until we needed the dish to bake something else. Something more worthy of a baking dish. There were mistakes at pretty much every step and it wasn’t even that nice to look at. This is not that coffee cake. This coffee cake has crunchy bits on top with a hazelnut-brown sugar layer in the middle. I also made it with sour cream and half whole wheat flour, instead of whatever useless concoction I thought would work last time. This one is still a little dry because I kind of over baked it but justice is done when served with ice cream or coffee or both. And who are we kidding, I had both because that’s how I roll.

Whole hazelnuts were on sale at the local grocery store that sells stuff in bulk and when my parents were down we stopped by to pick up some coffee and dried cranberries for my mom (She’s addicted to the unsweetened crans). She said I could get some stuff too (HELLO!) so I grabbed a bag of these along with some pistachios and pecans. Boy, do I love nuts. Nuts and cheese. Cheese and nuts. Anyway. There is something about toasted hazelnuts that just gets me giddy so this coffee cake turns me on a little just because of the mere inclusion of hazelnuts. Did you know that Turkey is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts? In the United States they are produced mainly in Washington and Oregon. I’m thinking on making a trip to the northwest just because of that!

Hazelnut Coffee Cake

This recipe was taken from the Far Away Foodies with very minor changes. I didn’t have quite enough sour cream so I added in some yogurt and I used half whole wheat flour and half cake flour. I think that’s why mine was darker and a little more stiff. You can find the recipe they used here.