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22 Feb

Eat here!

When I was out in LA last weekend we ate at Wurstkuche, an AWESOME sausage place that’s on the hip and trendy side of all things delicious. Our usual place is Cole’s, which is also beyond amazing but a different type of palate. (Think roasted lamb french dip. gah, I’m salivating just at the thought.) However, we chose to hit up the house of sausages to mix it up and hopefully find a new favorite to add to the list. We are discovering that Downtown is filled with spots  like these (Orachon Ramen, anyone?). Trust me when I tell you to go and eat here, especially if you like meat in the shape of tubes and drinks in the form of german beer. Vegetarian? They have something for you too! Seating is another fun part about it–beer hall-style. They also have a DJ on weekends and it’s usually packed beyond belief with the line constantly out the door. It doesn’t take long to get through because you order and then walk down a long, modern hallway to the “beer hall” and plop your hungry ass, beer glass, and order number on the table and chat up a storm with everyone around you. It’s a fun atmosphere and when our 4 (FOUR!!) sausages got to us the guys sitting across asked if they were just the two of us. Well, yes, they were. And they were gone in seconds.