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Orange Goodness Cookies

29 Mar

We (my roommate and I. I’m not including Sara because she just sat on the couch and played words with friends while Rachel and I baked…) made cookies last Friday night. The recipe was in the cookie bible but neither of us can remember the name so we just call them the Orange Goodness Cookies. It called for the zest of one orange but I think ours was extra-large and so they are extra orange. It’s not a bad thing, don’t read this wrong–I think that made the cookies.

Sandwiched in between is a mixture of cream cheese, a dash of sugar, honey, and some butter. It’s just whipped and smattered in the middle. You know, the usual deliciousness. The original recipe called for a filling of confectioner’s sugar and water. No thank you. These cookies turned out to be light as air and a good cookie to try to convince yourself that more than 2 is ok because they don’t taste heavy. It’s like biting into an orange cloud… and I’m ok with that.

Fridge full of…

27 Mar


I’m not a big fan of beer. At all. Everyone said I would learn to like in college because once you start playing beer pong with really nasty beers it turns to wanting to try actual beers and that’s how you come to love beer. Not me. I’ve always had an aversion to it and I’m not really trying to start a love-fest now.

However, last night one of our really good friends came over and watched “Food Revolution” so we made dinner and had drinks. We had planned on some bubbles and wines but when we got to the store we each ended up buying beer. I had Gumball Head, which is a beer produced in Munster, Indiana and is a wheat ale. The last time I tried this beer I thought it tasted like grapefruit and loved it, but I was also full of other alcoholic drinks and would probably have loved a lot of things I don’t normally. That said, I think last night solidified that I am not a beer drinker. I’ll stick to all the lovely bottles from the wine locker…as soon as I get invited to go 😉

We had a special guest: Professor Bananas. I love this cat. How can you love that face??

Thinking of you, France.

24 Mar

I can’t stop thinking about France today. Every random thought today keeps fleeting to last spring’s trip to France. I guess this year I’ll just have to look at the pictures to transport me there. Oh, Pierre Hermé, please come visit my kitchen!

The kitchen at "La Bourg" in the beautiful La Roque Gageac. The light was always so perfect.

The line was worth the wait.

I hope to see you soon, Paris.

Cupcakes and Earthquakes

19 Mar

In Indiana there aren’t really earthquakes. Thunderstorms. Tornadoes. Corn. We have all that but not much in the earthquake area. During my visit to CA there was an earthquake at 4 in the morning and when i woke up I had texts from my parents asking if I was ok…I didn’t even know we had one.

Then the faucet blew up and I forgot about it but I did make some cupcakes that made me think of it again. Chocolatey goodness injected with cream cheese. Does that sound good? It is. Don’t question it. I think they remind me of earthquakes because I imagine the ground splitting and looking the way the cream cheese looks in the cupcakes. I mean, it’s probably just me but it’s my blog so I can think what I want 🙂

I’m pretty sure cheesecake is my favorite dessert and while these didn’t really satisfy the cheesecake desire I constantly have, they do give you a hint of that love. Cheesecake love.

Kitchen Faucet Fiasco

17 Mar

This is how my morning went:

“me:  do you want to hear a really good story?

Lindsay:  course!

me:  So Andrew’s sink has deteriorated and needed to be fixed so the apartment dudes came last night to replace the kitchen  faucet. let me tell you now that it was the manager and his dad fixing it…
so they took about 3 hours to get it done-no problem
Megan wakes up this morning and hears dripping and knows in her brain that something has gone awry
she gets up to pee and checks on the kitchen, just in case
and lo and behold the faucet it spraying hot water everywhere
and i mean hotttt water

Lindsay:  OH NO

me:  oh yes

Lindsay:  how much water????

me:  well everything that was on the counter was filled with water
and there was about half an inch on the floor

Lindsay:  what did you do?!?!?!!

me:  first, i took a bowl and covered the spray so we could function
and then took towels and called the apartment people
they had to turn off the water and called a real plumber

Lindsay:  is anything ruined???

me:  i don’t think so, just a few rolls of paper towels and the salt”

That’s right. I have 4 different things to bake today and our water is off and the faucet isn’t working. Thankfully, neither Andrew nor I were upset with this situation-we just laughed at how crazy it all was. The plumbers are (hopefully) on their way and I might be able to get one item done today. We have a dinner thing with some friends tonight and eatyourtartout is supposed to be providing the dessert. We’ll see if that happens. Ready for the quick pictures I took before management got here?

This is a closeup of the sink in the state I found it this morning. The water was reaching the ceiling...

The bowl that saved the day.

I’d like to add that all of our windows were steamed over and it felt like a sauna in the apartment. It was like stepping into the rain forest. Pretty good start to the day, don’t you think?

Hello, Cupcake!

16 Mar

Who doesn’t love cupcakes, especially when they’re filled with hazelnuts and chocolate. I made these before I went on break and just didn’t get around to posting them. It happens. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in some baking while I’m out in LA but who knows where the California sun will take me. I brought a ton of stuff out here this trip so I have less to move out here in May. It’s weird to think that what once was a nice break from school will soon be my home. I think I’m ready. I hope my job will let me keep my baking booty going because that’s all I want to do about 89.9 percent of the time. I know it doesn’t look like that’s the case lately but I’ll get on it once I’m back and the world is ready for more sweets and treats. Here’s to the future, cupcakes, and all things delicious.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

6 Mar

Who doesn't want a plate of cookies on their birthday?!

It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow but since she has plans with friends we’re celebrating her birthday with the family tonight. We’re going to the Eagle’s Nest in Downtown Indianapolis. The restaurant is at the top of this building and it rotates. It’s going to be great! Since we’re having such a decadent dinner I thought I would make her some healthy cookies to balance it out. These are chocolate oatmeal date cookies made with honey, dates, oats, and flour. I’ll post the recipe later…I’ve got some cookies to deliver!!