Pecan Sticky Buns, Hun.

5 Apr

I got a call from my mom on Friday asking what kind of dessert Eat Your Tart Out was going to make for Easter dinner and so kindly share with the fam. I told her I couldn’t really bake anything because I was out of oh…everything and I didn’t want to spend money I didn’t have on it. Plus, I had just gotten a really delicious cheese from the farmer’s market that morning and I planned on sharing that. Wasn’t that enough? She was disappointed but said she understood and left it at that. On Sunday morning, as I sat on the couch not wanting to shower or do much of anything, Andrew suggested we make pecan sticky buns. Mom, you have him to thank. And I have him to thank because otherwise I wouldn’t have these delicious little rolls in my MUST MAKE ALL THE TIME recipe list. Since my camera battery died and we baked them at my parents house after eating 10 tons of food, the photos are from Andrew’s phone. I’m planning on making them again this week to have real photos and to post the recipe. There are some major things you want to make sure to do to make them extra deluxe…

Ignore the pacifier...I was hogging my 4 month old niece for most of the night and those things are essential.

After the flipping of the pan but before the destruction of the buns. They lasted 2 seconds.

One Response to “Pecan Sticky Buns, Hun.”

  1. andrew April 6, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    i helped make them. punk.

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