Lemon Buns with Cream Cheese Frosting

12 Apr

Remember when I abandoned posting and photographing? Yeah, me too…

Life has been overly busy lately as I get closer and closer to graduation and moving across the country. This past weekend, along with making these lemon buns, I packed my life away and got it ready to ship to California. It’s been overwhelming at times trying to purge who I’ve been for the past 4 years and take only the essential Megan objects that really matter, but at the same time it’s been exhilarating being able to wipe the slate clean and move on to the next chapter. Oh, and to not have to check the weather before I go outside. Is it sunny? Yep. Will it be sunny tomorrow? Yep.

We are also trying to live as frugally as possible for the last month so we don’t over buy food–that means there is a LOT less baking going on. Practically none. I did find an amazing pizza dough recipe by Peter Reinhart that will be a staple of our diet for the next 34 days and will forever live in my recipe book…but that’s for a later post (sooner rather than later, I promise). Right now, lets talk buns, hun. I used the dough recipe for the sticky buns I made and just added lemon zest and lemon filling but they didn’t turn out the way I was hoping, not that you can tell by the photos. I was practically drooling while I took the pictures but they didn’t live up to the sticky bun throne. In reality there was no way that was going to happen but I thought for sure the cream cheese frosting would kick it into gear. It didn’t. I know, I was fooled too; Don’t get down on yourself. I’m making the sticky buns on thursday and will surely have photos by the end of the weekend aaaand the recipe since they were devoured and are now a commonly requested item. However, I will leave you with a little more lemon on the beautiful Monday. Also, head over to my flickr to see pictures of my beautiful niece, Natalie. She is the definition of world’s cutest baby. Go look, you’ll see.


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