26 Aug

It’s been…a while. Before you start in on me let me say a few things: a) I’ve probably already heard it from you 😉 and b) I’ve been on a roller coaster of life’s ride the past few months. But let’s put excuses aside and get to the meat of this short but sweet post.

I’m back.

Last night I made plum jam with the cutest little plums I’ve ever seen and right now I’m baking up some peanut butter banana muffins. And it’s not that I haven’t been cooking while I’ve been away–I just haven’t given you all some food porn for those days you have nothing going on and just want to look at my food (or tell me to bring you what I’ve made!).

I’m here to say Hello, World. It’s me, Megan. Are you still hungry?

From a recent visit to San Francisco at the place I learned to love clam chowder--Boudin!

One Response to “Hello!”

  1. Beckie August 27, 2010 at 4:58 am #

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your pages. Can’t wait to see some yummies on here. Clam Chowder? I think I just felt the earth shake. ugh.

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