A Night Out to Umami Burger

10 Feb

It’s rare that I get a weeknight to spend with Andrew. It’s even rarer that we have enough time together to go out and eat. Last night was one of those rare opportunities where Andrew was home before I was and we said “Screw it, let’s go out!” Now, living in Los Angeles gives us a plethora of options but I was pretty sure I knew where we would be going as soon as I got word of this rare event…Umami Burger. Have you been? If not, drop everything you are doing and high-tail it. Really, I’m serious.

While we usually hit up the Hollywood one so we can walk over to Amoeba after dinner we took a left turn and went to the Los Feliz location since they all have different burgers at different times. They also have different decor:

Neat, right? I love the old subway-looking tiles. It was a cool space and bigger than the Hollywood one. Anyway, to my burger…

See that bun?? SO GOOD. You can also see my Green Beast Sangria and the Turkey Miso Chili Cheese Fries in the background. Yums all around. I got the “Carnitas Burger” which had jalapeno sour cream, tortilla crisps, cilantro and some kind of cheese, I’m sure. It tasted like the best taco stand ever.

If you haven’t been and you’re in the area it’s worth it. As Andrew described it, “It’s something that, after you take your first bite, you pull it back to look at it and say ‘Wow, is that really what it tastes like?’ because you can’t believe how good it is.”

True story.

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