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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

11 Feb

You know what’s the best? When you’re at work thinking about how much you don’t want to cook dinner when you get home and then you get home–and dinner is done! Has that ever happened to you? It happened to me last night. I came home to a whole roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots and onions. WOW.

Last weekend I told Andrew I was going to start going veg, which wasn’t really a big deal since almost all of my meals are meatless anyway. In fact, the only time I eat meat is when I’m out with him. I just don’t crave it or need it; I don’t think about it at all most of the time. So I thought I’d take the jump to being full on meat-less since I’m questioning a lot about the meat in this country. And…if you know Andrew…this didn’t go over so well.

Fast forward to the Sunday farmer’s market. After buying all our veggies (and a jar of kimchi that would later explode) Andrew suggested we go down to the end where the meat is sold. I said alright but would only think about it if it wasn’t grain fed. Guess what? It had lived on a diet of grass and bugs…so we got it and a week later I got to come to it cooked and ready to eat.

At $20 for a 4lb chicken I’m not sure he’ll want to do that again but I’m all for it if I get to come home to it cooked for me. Afterward I made stock from the bones and have the left over meat shredded for chili. Sounds worth it if you ask me!

Have a great weekend!