Salad Storage and Finding My Food Balance

13 Mar

Starting tomorrow Andrew and I will be fitting our food focus into a healthier lifestyle. We want it to be something where we don’t feel hungry all the time and enjoy the meals but where we don’t pack on the pounds. We have a habit of eating a lot of rich, fatty foods because we’re both gluttons. However, enough pudge is enough and we’re on the road to eating right and loving life. We’ve got one part down–time to focus on the other and make them work together. We’ll be eliminating most dairy (besides yogurt) and limiting bread/pasta consumption. Lots of fruits, veggies, beans, and greens. Today was a huge prep day to hopefully eliminate a lot of the work during the week. The beet soup and salad dressings are all made along with a white bean salad we’ll be having in pitas…without cheese!!?!? I’m trying to stay positive about the no-cheese thing. I’ll be adding it back in but slowwwly.

We got a TON of salad greens from the farmer’s market this morning and over at The Kitchn they have an interesting way of keeping them fresh and crisp all week:
Wash your greens and put them through the salad spinner. Transfer them to a towel and let them sit out for as long as you can (or until you go crazy that your counters are all occupied). Once they’ve had time to dry, roll them up in the towel they’re on and wrap a rubber band around each end. Store in the fridge and unroll as you need them. I’m sure I’ll get some sort of comment from Andrew about the towel in the fridge. Hopefully he says something and doesn’t just throw it in the laundry hamper…

…he might! I’ll let you know how the “tootsie roll” salad storage works out for us.

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