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California Figs and Getting Your Groove Back

12 Sep

Monday’s can be rough, can’t they? Have you ever had a “case of the Mondays”? Do you have that every Monday? Believe me, Mondays can be rough for all of us but when you’ve got fresh figs, raw honey, almonds and yogurt to wake up to, you think to yourself, “It could be worse.” This Monday is special for me because I’m back to taking photos and blogging about them. I have Pinnies and Poppy Seeds to thank for that. While yes, I have been extremely busy with a new job, it doesn’t mean I can’t make time for things that really matter to me. Sometimes its hard to realize you’ve been neglecting something that keeps you going because you get so busy with what you think is important. Not that I haven’t been doing important things, like making a living(!), but after a very sweet and heartfelt comment I realized this is what I’ve been missing. I haven’t taken photos or written about food for months now. And while yes, my new job is filled with taking photos and writing (how lucky am I?!) it’s not the same as food. Food makes everything better! This isn’t to say I haven’t been eating because I have. In fact, I’ve been eating plenty of beautiful, delicious food stuffs that should have been on here. I just didn’t have the urge to take photos. Are you thinking that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard? I know, me too.

But enough of lamenting on being gone. I’m back and ready to rumble! Today’s special is an easy but tasty breakfast treat that, thanks to living in California, I get to enjoy quite often. Fresh figs, raw honey, yogurt, and almonds. It’s the most decadent, simple breakfast I’ve ever had. And I love it. It makes Mondays taste like Fridays and gives you a jump-start to the day that even coffee can’t compete with. Seriously! Move to CA and you’ll see what I mean! I actually woke up wanting to do a tribute to Jen at Pinnies and Poppy Seeds with a simple walnut shortbread recipe but then I remembered that our oven is covered in garlic. Are you wondering why our oven is now a garlic machine? Well, because last night as I was baking some homemade garlic bread to go with our pasta, I reached in with tongs to pull it out and guess who’s slippery fingers dropped the bread, face down, right in the oven. Not just on the rack but on the door which allowed the bread to slide down to the bottom of the oven, coating the entire bottom in a rich buttery garlic sauce.  DEVASTATION. But even worse that, I forgot about it this morning at 6am and turned on the oven, ready to start baking and the garlic monster that is our oven awoke. Not wanting garlic infused walnut shortbread I quickly abandoned ship. Yeah, that’s the kind of person I am.

So, long story short, expect to see a lot more food and a lot less complaining about how I have no time and abandon my dreams without a second glance. Here’s to pushing through the rough and tumble times and making it through with a delicious Monday breakfast.

Breakfast Figs

  • Figs
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Almonds

Rinse and dry figs. Cut figs in half and place in bowl. Cover with yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey and a handful of almonds. Enjoy!