Flatbread Pesto Pizza

28 Sep

I wanted this to be “wordless” and just let you enjoy the photos but I had to ask if you’ve seen the Trader Joe’s Spicy Spinach Pizza’s? They’re really just little flat breads with spinach cooked into them and about 6 inches in diameter. They’re kept in the refrigerated section with the salads and humus? Does this ring a bell? I hadn’t seen them before so I grabbed them because we’re always looking for something new to eat. TJ’s can get a little boring if you shop there all the time like we do. It just so easy to fall back on to known favorites. Or just buy baby carrots and humus. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I made this pizza a few times this week and it’s a great lunch. Even Andrew liked this meatless dish. Although he did say “it would be better with prosciutto” but who didn’t see that coming? And with the temps being as high as 107 it’s the prefect size for the toaster oven. Gotta love it!

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