Last of the summer salad: corn, zucchini and orzo

15 Oct

Here in SoCal I was SURE summer was over when I had to get out the blankets and sweaters. We had a solid week of cool temps and it was amazing. It felt like LA was having a real fall. Everyone was talking about pumpkins and nutmeg and butternut squash and this time I could join in on the conversation because it wasn’t so hot that I could actually turn on the oven. My favorite time of year was finally here! …and then it got to record highs last week. 99 in downtown LA. 103 in the valley. Summer just took a short vacation, it’s not gone. So to try to stay in the summer mode here’s a salad made with summer goodness–sweet corn, zucchini, basil. All the good fresh stuff we are still enjoying. Even though I’d be happy roasting root vegetables and making squash soups this salad reminds me why summer is so great too. Everything is so fresh and delicious! Raw vegetables! No cooking! Why was I complaining again?

I’m living in a single household for most of the week while my other half is in Detroit working with Divas. No, literally. You know those snickers commercials with Aretha being a huge diva in the back of a car? He’ll basically be dealing with that. I wish him luck. In the mean time I’ve got to remember how to make meals for just one person. This salad was not a good example of that since I made about 12 cups worth. I’m trying to give it to my neighbor as I type. Yes, I’m that person. “I have extra lemons–TAKE THEM!” or “I made this cake–EAT IT ALL”. But I don’t hear many of you putting up a fuss. Well, those of you that are further than LA County. Sucks to be you. 🙂

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy it while you can. I hear fall is somewhere out there!


One Response to “Last of the summer salad: corn, zucchini and orzo”

  1. Jen October 15, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    wow! cannot believe the weather at home! for once, i’m actually happy about the weather here in edinburgh! (it won’t last long though!!),…this salad looks delicious! summer veg, no cooking…heaven!

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