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I Bleed Blue: Truffles

8 Feb

You might have noticed a little football game going on last night? Devastating. I’m a Colts fan and have crazy-fan earrings to prove it. Last night my team lost. In the Superbowl. ugh.

We had a Superbowl gathering because there is nothing better than getting together a group of people and screaming at an inanimate object for 3 hours. We clapped, shouted, cursed. We also ate, which is what makes this loss so much more heartbreaking because when the game is over and you have pretty team-colored foods they just make you mad. Good thing these Oreo truffles didn’t make it past halftime…

The Colts lost :(

These are probably the simplest and tastiest treat you can make in 10 min. It’s just Oreos and cream cheese, mixed together in a food processor and rolled into balls. Dip them in chocolate and they get even better. Last night, my friend Clair had 6 and kept debating if a stomach ache would be worse than eating another. I’m pretty sure she made everyone else eat the rest of them so the temptation was gone. When I went to the kitchen around the 3rd quarter they were all gone. If you want one you have to eat one before you share.

Don't make these by yourself. You will eat. all. of. them.

Oreo Truffles

  • 1 Package Oreos*
  • 1 8 oz package cream cheese

Process the Oreos in the food processor. Add the cream cheese and mix until thoroughly combined. Roll into balls and chill before dipping into melted chocolate. Decorate as your littler heart desires.

*I made these with my mom over Christmas and we bought the Double Stuft because that’s all the store had (what?!) and it was a mistake. Too much crème filling. They would only stay together if they were in the refrigerator and were a mess to roll into balls. Just buy the regular ones and you won’t have Oreo putty. Delicious, yes, but easy to clean, no.

Chocolate Cake Mistake

5 Feb

Do you see these darlings? I made them in little ramekins and absolutely squealed when I pulled them out of the oven. Cute. Chocolate. Perfect. And then? And then I decided to use the peanut butter icing to give them “oomph” or whatever I was thinking. Maybe I wasn’t, because who is going to take a perfect chocolate cake and turn it into…well…this:


How did I manage to convince myself that this was ok? Also, imagine this being 10 times worse–I am showing you the prettiest picture from the mess. At one point, it looked like a peanut butter chocolate war that was playing out in front of my eyes and I was the one causing it. Did I really need to cover these in peanut butter? Well my heart said yes (YES! YES! YES!)  but my head said “Why mess with perfectly good cakes when they look (and taste) that good?” I don’t listen. I should, but I don’t. I get these crazy ideas that work out when I’m plotting them in my head but I don’t stop to think that the real world doesn’t work like that. Thus, I am stuck with a chocolate peanut butter mess.

Would anyone like some chocolate cake? They are still available. I cannot get myself to even look at them, let alone eat them.