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Orange Goodness Cookies

29 Mar

We (my roommate and I. I’m not including Sara because she just sat on the couch and played words with friends while Rachel and I baked…) made cookies last Friday night. The recipe was in the cookie bible but neither of us can remember the name so we just call them the Orange Goodness Cookies. It called for the zest of one orange but I think ours was extra-large and so they are extra orange. It’s not a bad thing, don’t read this wrong–I think that made the cookies.

Sandwiched in between is a mixture of cream cheese, a dash of sugar, honey, and some butter. It’s just whipped and smattered in the middle. You know, the usual deliciousness. The original recipe called for a filling of confectioner’s sugar and water. No thank you. These cookies turned out to be light as air and a good cookie to try to convince yourself that more than 2 is ok because they don’t taste heavy. It’s like biting into an orange cloud… and I’m ok with that.