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La Super-Rica Taqueria

16 Feb
Handmade tortillas make all the difference

Her job is to make tortillas all day.

I was reading reviews last night about this little taco stand in Santa Barbara and it seems there are mixed reviews- people hate it or love it or think there are too many white people eating there. Sure, understandable. Eat where the locals eat.

We're Open

Be prepared to wait in line.

No matter what people are up in arms about I’m still going to eat there every time I go to Santa Barbara. It’s a great little place to go to and it makes my mouth happy every time. Granted, my boyfriend has had mixed experiences but everyone has an off day once in a while.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Yes, I will take pictures of you eating.

Our meal was pretty great this weekend and I’m sure the fact that we hadn’t eaten yet helped. We ordered 5 entrees and split them all, except for the pasilla stuffed with cheese and chorizo–we each had our own. We also had a bowl of chorizo with melted cheese, chicken tacos with bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions, and steak tacos with bell peppers.

So much food to stuff into three tiny tortillas.

Chicken with bell peppers and onions.

Bowl of Chorizo = SO GOOD

We called this "Chorizo Soup". Chunks of chorizo and melted cheese made this my favorite.

I smashed that bowl of meat and cheese.

Even I get a photo while I awkwardly eat and smash the bowl of meat and cheese.

Our meal wasn’t complete without two beers. They were so perfect for the food and the moment. It was about 75 degrees and super sunny so why not enjoy a Corona along with it? Besides, I was about to be snow bound and stuck in a real-life snow globe. I had to get in all these luxuries in one weekend.

The one time I'll have a beer and enjoy it.

Corona with lime is one of the few beers I can enjoy.

I’m not a big beer girl. I think it tastes gross and don’t want to consume something that doesn’t appeal to me until I “acquire a taste” for it. That’s just not the kind of thing I want to do when there are so many great things out there that I abso love. However, once in a while I can appreciate the lime and Corona mix that goes well with greasy, messy food. I can get all over that.